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Descent and hike back to Punta de Vacas

Diner11th day, down to base camp

The next morning, it was Sunday, Antonio put all his stuff together in his backpack, gave away some of the food and bars he wouldn’t need anymore and went down to base camp with Matt, the American guy, and the Mexican. It was a long descent and he walked down slowly, because there was no need to hurry anymore. Otto and Marja had a rest day in base camp and they were waiting for Antonio to come down. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon he finally was back in base camp and everyone was very happy to see each other again. It was time for a shower and a good meal at Daniel Lopez’: meat and papas fritas and beer of course. All the stories were told and we also could arrange some mules to go further down the next morning.

River crossing12th day, down to Las Leñas

We planned to get up early, because we knew that it would be a long trip all the way down to Las Leñas. Although we walked down it was a long distance along the river. But at 7 o’clock there was no sun yet, so we waited until 7:45 am to get up, put our stuff together, have breakfast and bring our stuff to Daniel Lopez. We started walking at 11 o’clock and that was a bit late we thought, but there was nothing to do about that. Antonio walked with Matt in front and Otto and Marja followed. We took the last pictures of the Aconcagua and the summit was in the clouds now. It took us more time than expected to reach the first river crossing, the easy one.

The second river crossing near Casa Piedra caused more trouble. Matt and Antonio took the same way as the first time we crossed this river. But Otto and Marja made a shortcut and had to go through the river twice. The second part was quite deep and had a fast stream, so pants out and moving very slowly hand in hand. Big rocks were transported by the water and hit them against their legs. But everything went well and it was indeed a shortcut. Pants on again and further on, it still was a long distance. Because of the bad weather in this valley Otto and Marja saw a big mud stream coming down from the slopes, moving quite fast towards the river. They passed the mud stream just in time, because a few moments later the mud was all over the path. They made some pictures of the mud stream. Finally they arrived at Las Leñas at 9 pm and Antonio had pitched their tent already.

Cappuccino13th day, back to Mendoza

This morning we indeed got up at 7 o’clock. After breakfast we checked out at the park ranger and we began our trip at 9 o’clock. We knew the way but found out that it again took us longer than expected. The sun was shining and it was a very warm day. We were not in such a hurry so we walked slowly. Antonio and Matt walked faster than Otto and Marja, so they split up very soon. And when Otto and Marja walked along the river, Marja again twisted her ankle. This time there were no mules, but fortunately there was the river and she put her foot in for a time.  It wasn’t getting thick, so Otto and Marja walked on after putting tape on the ankle and moving some stuff from Marja’s backpack into Otto’s backpack, so Otto’s backpack was very heavy now. From that moment on they walked way slower than before the injury, but everything went quite well and they reached Punta de Vacas without trouble. Antonio had been there for two hours when Otto and Marja arrived and he had arranged transport to Los Puquios already. The van was ready for take off; just a few pictures and then we went to the campsite of Rudy Parra to arrange the financial business. After paying 760 dollars, they brought us to Puente del Inca where we had to wait one hour for the bus which would take us back to Mendoza. We sat down on a terrace and ordered some real Western food ……

And so Antonio made it to the summit and back in just 13 days!!!

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