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Gear list

Gear list

The table below lists the most important items that are mandatory. Every individual has to decide which personal items he/she needs. Furthermore a lot of other things are needed such as travel documents, personal stuff, medication etc.





Balaclava Windstopper/Windblock E.g. OR balaclava
Baseball cap    
Duvet (down jacket) Not necessarily the heaviest one E.g. Mountain Hardwear Below Zero Parka
Fleece pants Polartec 100/200 or windstopper/windblock  
Fleece gloves Windblock/Windstopper E.g. The North Face Pamir
Fleece jacket Windstopper/Windblock E.g. Mountain Equipment Aquafleece
Fleece shirt Polartec 100  
Gaiters Overboots are not needed  
GTX pants Gore-Tex or Triplepoint  
GTX gloves Gore-Tex or Triplepoint  
GTX jacket Gore-Tex of Triplepoint E.g. The North Face Mountain Guide Jacket
GTX mitts Overmits of GTX and fleece undermits E.g. Outdoor Research Pro Mits
Head belt Polartec 100 or windstopper/windblock  
Shorts For the approach and hike out  
Normal pants For the approach, hike out and in the camps  
Hat Fleece  
Neck gaiter Fleece  
Underwear Quickly drying/synthetic E.g. Lowe Dry Flo
Undergloves   E.g. The North Face Lightweight Glove Liner
Liner socks Made of e.g. polypropylene  
Sandals For crossing rivers and in the camps E.g. Teva
Double plastic boots   Koflach Degre or Vertical, Scarpa Vega
Trekking boots B- or B/C-boots of leather E.g. Meindl Island
Socks Be prepared for the worst conditions E.g. Falke TK1 en TK4
T-shirts For the approach, hike out and in the camps  


Item Specification Brand
Sunglasses High Mountain, 100% UV E.g. Julbo
Karabiners 2 per person  
Ice axe As light as possible E.g. Grivel Air Tech
Snow shovel    
Crampons   E.g. Grivel 2F
Rope 20 meters, only for hiking Edelweiss Discover 8 Rando
Poles   E.g. Leki Makalu


Item Specification Brand
Dish washing    
Cutlery and plates    
Altimeter   Suunto Altimax
Stove 2 multi fuel stoves MSR Dragonfly
Duct tape    
Duffelbag Capacity > 100 liter each, 1 per person Salomon Duffle 1200
Torch And extra batteries  
Flight bag Will do as a rain cover as well E.g. Zwerfkei or Demmenie
GPS receiver 32 MB Magellan SporTrak Pro Color
Multitool   Leatherman
Emergency blanket Aluminium  
Pee bottle    
Radio 5 km reach, 2 radios Alan 441
Repair kits For the tent, stove, Gore-Tex clothing  
Spare tent poles    
Backpack 70-90 liters E.g. Lowe Alpine Alpamayo or Cerro Torre
Daypack 40-50 liters  
Sleeping pad selfinflatables Thermarest
Sleeping bag At least -30° C. Mountain Hardwear Seti EX SL, -38° C.
Tent Expedition- of 4-seasons tent, 2, including foot print Mountain Hardwear Trango 3.1 and The North Face Westwind
Isolated bottle A good one! Shira 1 liter


There are several good outdoor shops in The Netherlands like Bever Zwerfsport , Demmenie and Zwerfkei . However it can be worthy to search the Internet. It can save you hundreds of euros. We bought out expedition tents in the UK at The Outdoorshop . De Trango 3.1 costed 525 euros! 200 euros cheaper than The Netherlands. The TNF Westwind costed 390 euros!

On the links page you find more web stores. If the US dollar rate is low (lower than 1 euro) it can be profitable to buy in the USA. However you must take into account that you will have to pay duty and VAT, which can sum up to 30%. We bought in one delivery in the US: Mountain Hardwear Below Zero Parka (duvet), two MSR Dragonflies (stoves) and Outdoor Research Pro Mitts (expedition mittens). Duty in The Netherlands was only 20 euros! Summarizing these were the differences:

  • Duvet in NL: €350, in USA: €233
  • MSR Dragonfly NL: €165, USA: €105
  • OR Pro Mitts NL: €185, USA: €122
So look abroad!

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