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List of medications

We have been discussing our list with a doctor of the Dutch mountaineering club (NKBV). Most medication can only be obtained on prescription. Apart from the list below everyone took his own pills for headaches and other minor problems.





Amount we took with us

Acute mountain sickness (AMS) Acetazolamide Diamox Twice daily 250 mg 60 tablets 250 mg
Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) Nifedipine   Lay 2 broken capsules of 10 mg under the tongue. Then start immediately with 1 tablet of 20 mg every 6 hours (only one day; descent immediately) 8 capsules 10 mg
16 tablets 20 mg
Cerebral Edema (HACE) Dexamethason   Start with 8 mg, then 4 mg every 6 hours. Maximum 20mg per day 30 tablets 0,5 mg
40 tablets 1,5 mg
Bacterial infections Ciprofloxacine   Antibiotics, finish treatment of 20 tablets 40 tablets 250 mg
Amoxicilline / Clavulane acid   Antibiotics, finish treatment of 20 tablets 40 tablets 500/125 mg
Parasitic diseases / Giardiasis Tinidazol Fasigyn Finish treatment 12 tablets 500 mg
Lack of sleep Temazepam   1 capsule per night 90 capsules 10 mg
Serious pain Diclofenac     40 tablets 50 mg
Tramadol     40 retard capsules 50 mg
Coughing Noscapine Noscapect   20 tablets 15 mg
Anaphylaxis Adrenaline EpiPen   1 auto-injector 0,3 mg

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