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Rudy Parra takes care of everything!


This is how our trip went. These are the actual data. Find here details about acclimatization (blue) and the climb (red).

20-dec Departure
21-dec Arrival in Santiago and arrange bus tickets
22-dec Santiago-Mendoza
23-dec Permits and fuel
24-dec To Cordon del Plata, Las Veguitas
25-dec Las Veguitas, climb up San Bernardo
26-dec To Piedra Grande, walk to El Salto
27-dec Piedra Grande, climb up Stepanek
28-dec Move to El Salto
29-dec Back to Mendoza
30-dec Mendoza
31-dec To Puente del Inca
1-jan Puente del Inca-Punta Vacas-Las Leñas
2-jan Las Leñas-Casa Piedra
3-jan Casa Piedra-Plaza Argentina
4-jan Rest Plaza Argentina
5-jan Carry loads to C1
6-jan Carry loads to C1
7-jan Move to C1 and carry loads to CC
8-jan Move to CC and carry to C2
9-jan Move to C2
10-jan Summit day
11-jan From C2 to BC
12-jan To Las Leñas
13-jan To Mendoza
14-jan Mendoza
15-jan Mendoza
16-jan To Corrientes
17-jan To Posadas
18-jan Daytrip to San Ignacio Mision
19-jan To Iguazú
20-jan Iguazú
21-jan Iguazú
22-jan To Buenos Aires
23-jan Buenos Aires
24-jan Buenos Aires
25-jan Departure to Amsterdam
26-jan Arrival in Amsterdam

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